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Athlete stats for coach's

this is a more comprehensive version of the athlete stats.

Jersey Number
Height (Inches)
Height Rank
WingSpan (Inches)
WingSpan Rank
Reach Rank
Standing Vert (Inches)
Standing Vert Rank
2 Foot Vert
2 Foot Vert Rank
1 Foot Vert (Inches)
1 Foot Vert Rank
Agility Test/Time (Minutes)
Agility Rank
Speed: Free Thro-Free Throw Line W Ball (Mins)
Speed WT W/O Ball Rank
Free Throw % (Out Of 10)
Rank FT
3 Point Throw % (Out Of 10)
3P Rank
Mid Range % (Out Of 10)
MR Rank
Lay Up (1 Min)
Rank LU
Game Points
Game Rank

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